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The observation is at the base of all intervention. Thanks to the observations of the educators (usually in daycares), questions emerge and these questions motivate them to ask for professional help.


Following the observations, we screen if there are signs of delays in the different areas of development.

Initial Assessment

The developmental assessment provides information on the

child’s overall development, specifying his level of developmental

regarding his achieved vs unachieved skills

- To determine appropriate educational objectives.

- To develop an individualized educational program.

- To monitor and document your child's progress

(evaluating periodically, ex: every 6 months or yearly).

Specialized Intervention

Specialized interventions are recommended in order to achieve the educational objectives chosen. Support may be offered to educators in order to implement the methods in the environment and to coach them while they apply the recommendations. If needed, workshops are also offered.


In order to evaluate whether or not the recommended interventions are providing the desired results, it is important to assess the child's progress periodically, in order for the intervention methods or learning objectives be modified when required.

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