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Just a few examples of situations for which I can support you and your child…

Would you like to know if your child is up-to-date regarding his abilities?

o I will do an evaluation of his development and hand you the report.

Would you like to know which educational objectives you should prioritize in order to promote your child’s optimal development?

o I will evaluate his skills (achieved and unachieved) and hand you the intervention plan.

Would you like to implement a specialized intervention (at home,  in the daycare, or at school)?

o I will discuss with the staff and provide an intervention plan with the recommended specialized interventions.

Does your child:

Want to attend a social skills class with other children who have similar needs?

o I offer social skills groups

Need to achieve new autonomy skills (use the toilet, get dressed, etc.)?

o I will support you in the teaching of these skills with specific recommendations.

Need to change an inappropriate behavior?

o I will  evaluate the situation and the behavior to provide specific recommendations (ex: using behavior modification techniques)

Need to learn a system that enables him to communicate?

o I will evaluate the situation and guide you towards the right type of communication your child needs. I will support you for the implementation.

Show signs of stress or  need to learn different social rules?

o I will offer individual psychoeducational sessions or group teaching, depending on your child’s needs.

Need to learn to play on his own?

o I will implement a program that will help your child to play on his own, without needing your attention to stay busy.

Need a learning program?

o I will implement and supervise an ABA teaching program for your child with an Autism Spectrum Disorder.

* Please take note that I provide Psychoeducation (OPPQ) receipts for all my services for insurance + tax purposes.