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Developmental Evaluations

Why should you ask for an assessment?

Developmental evaluation for children from 0 to 7 years of  age

-To know more about your child’s overall development.

- To specify his level of development (his skills achieved vs. unachieved).

- To determine appropriate educational objectives.

- To develop an individualized educational program.

- To monitor and document your child's progress (evaluating periodically, ex: every 6 months or yearly).

- To screen for delays in various areas of development:

- Fine and gross motor skills

- Self-help skills

- Speech and language

- General knowledge and comprehension

- Social and emotional development

- Basic reading

- Manuscript writing

- Basic math

Other assessment tool used


The PEP-R (or PEP-3) is specifically for children with autism or children with other developmental disorders from 2 to 7 and a half years of age.
The PEP-3 helps to develop individualized educational programs for children with Autism Spectrum Disorder and other pervasive developmental disorders. It has various main objectives: to determine the strengths and difficulties of the child in order to establish the most appropriate individualized educational program and to assess his level of developmental and his adaptation skills.

If your child would benefit from an assessment, contact me!

Receipt for insurance or taxe purposes are available for this service!